About Us

The British Columbia Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Federation (BCRSGF) is the Provincial Sport Governing (PSO) body for Rhythmic Gymnastics in British Columbia. The Federation administers and delivers a variety of programs designed to encourage participation and develop excellence in rhythmic gymnastics. BCRSGF members include competitive athletes, developing athletes, recreational enthusiasts, coaches, officials, administrators and supporters of the sport.

Aside from the national or Olympic stream of rhythmic gymnastics, BCRSGF governs and assists with the development of rhythmic gymnastics at the grassroot level, including Special Olympics, Aethetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) and men's rhythmic gymnastics (or MartialGym here in Canada).

The entire BC is divided into eight zones.

Board and Committees

Our Vision

Annual Reports

Our athletes, coaches, clubs and volunteers have accomplished much more than what can be contained in a report. Nonetheless, this is a highlight of some of our accomplishments as distributed at our annual general meeting.

Contact Us

Program Coordinator: Sashka Gitcheva
Phone: 604.333.3485 .........Fax: 604.909.1749
E-Mail: bcrsgf@rhythmicsBC.com
(To contact your zone rep or a board member directly, please go to the About page)

Office: 268-828 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E2
(The best way to contact us is via email and phone. If you want to arrange for a face to face meeting, please book an appointment first)

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